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Planes targeted with laser pointer

A plane landing on Fuerteventura was on two occasions targeted with a laser pointer, blinding the pilots.


Playa del Castillo where the man was arrested. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A man has been arrested and is accused of having put people’s safety at risk. The pilots were blinded during the approach to Fuerteventura on September 10. But when the incident repeated on September 11, the pilots took pictures in order to pinpoint the source. These pictures were used during the investigation and lead to the arrest of a man in the city of Antigua on Playa de Castillo.

The man has the explanation that he sells laser pointers and that he only wanted to demonstrate the range of the pointers to his customers. He was carrying 4 laser pointers when he was arrested and may face at least € 30,000 in fines.


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