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News from Spain

Felipe Letizia

Royal tribute to enthusiasts

Nonprofit organizations received praise from Felipe VI and Letizia. The new Spanish royal couple have already started their careers as rulers, and in their second official mission they met 350 representatives…

Fire in Mijas Costa

Forest fire at the horse race track in Mijas Costa, Malaga

A forest fire started next to the Hipodrome in Mijas Costa, Malaga around 17:15. A large cloud of smoke stretched from the fire over Fuengirola and the sea beyond. The cloud stretched across…

The law’s long arm reached drug dealers

Spanish-English police cooperation gives success on the Costa Del Sol. David Hewson, 32, from Liverpool, was captured in Benahavis in late May after being on the run for 18 months….

Pablo Iglesias

New political platform in Spain

  A new political platform is in the making in Spain. It’s not a new party, but as Pablo Iglesias, professor of political science at the University Complutense of Madrid, founder…

Pais Vasco

Euskara for everyone!

The Basque Government recently approved “La Agenda Estratégica part Euskera” (the Strategic Agenda for the Basque Country) for 2013-2016. This include a paragraph on strengthening the knowledge of the Basque…

Beach in Tarifa

Blue Flag to lots of beaches

La Bandera Azul, Blue Flag, is a quality award which is awarded by an international jury which includes the UN Council for Environment and Tourism included. The award is given…

Felipe VI

Spain has a new king

The king is not dead long live the king! That was one of the headlines in the Spanish newspapers when Felipe VI was proclaimed as the kingdom’s new monarch after…


More pictures and videos from the Feria in Fuengirola

How to make a Cuban Cigar   A bartender in the Cuban Caseta gave us a private dance show An amazing belly dance in the Egyptian Caseta A dervish is…

Traffic regulations in Spain

New traffic regulations in Spain

The Spanish Congress has enacted a series of new regulations on motor vehicles and bikers on the Spanish roads. Even pedestrians are subject to the new law. The new rules include everything…


The International Fair in Fuengirola has started

The International Fair in Fuengirola started calmly as always. It’s normal working day in the city even though some shops and businesses are closed during these days so that employees…