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News from Spain


Spanish football strike

The Spanish Football Federation RFEF has announced a strike from May16. The strike covers all league matches and has no specific end date. The strike involves more than 600,000 players,…

Old Couple

Life expectancy in Spain

A new study shows that Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe and that Spanish mothers are the oldest on the continent. The benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet,…

Ferrari Exhibition in Málaga

Anyone interested in seeing Ferraris development during the past 35 years can visit the exhibition hall in Malaga this week. The exhibition is held in the “Palacio de Ferias y…

International Fair in Fuengirola

The annual fair, Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, has started. 27 countries and 6 spanish provinces are represented with their own Caseta, an exhibition of their own culture with music, dance,…


New market in the Málaga province

The first permanent market for the brand “Sabor en Malaga” with products exclusively from local producers will soon open in Coín. The brand has been created by the provincial government to…


Mine reopened

The mine in Rio Tinto in Huelva was closed down 14 years ago, but now the mining starts again. 250 people will be directly employed in the mine and indirectly…


Nudists can be fined

A recent judgment in Spanish Supreme Court determines that nudism – naturism is not a human right. Thus, municipalities that want to, can ban nudism / naturism on their beaches….


Game of Thrones

The Spanish king Felipe VI received an unexpected gift from an unexpected donor when he last visited the EU headquarters in Brussels. It was Pablo Iglesias, EU parliamentarian and leader of…


Sidewalks are being occupied

Pedestrians in Torrevieja are complaining that the city’s restaurants and cafes are occupying the sidewalks. Complaints Residents have complained about it in great numbers by contacting the local newspaper “La…


Train travels increasing

The Spanish high speed trains are taking market shares from all other methods of domestic travel. On some stretches flight travels in practice are ousted. We are talking about AVE trains…