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News from Spain


Spanish mobile networks fastest

The London-based analyst firm Open Signal has published a new analysis of LTE networks in the world and it shows that the Spanish mobile network is the fastest of all. LTE…


Ghost Airport opens for traffic

One of Spain’s “ghost airports” finally proves useful. The airport was inaugurated four years ago, but has since then been left almost unused. The airport is called Aeropuerto de Castellón…


House prices are increasing

The quarterly report that was published by INE on March 9 shows that on an annual basis, prices increased in 2014 in all the popular areas of Spain. INE “Instituto Nacional de…


Sanctions against clubs

3 night clubs in Benidorm have received sanctions by the police because they exceeded the permissible noise limits. The clubs have a device installed which limits the volume, but the police…


Cooperation Málaga – Estepona

Málaga and Estepona begins a collaboration between their botanical parks, primarily exchanging plants and knowledge. Málaga Málaga has a large variety of different parks, some in the middle of town and somw…


Olives turn into heat and electricity

Production of olive oil generates a huge amount of toxic waste, but now there’s a fully functional plant in Spain that eliminates the waste problem. It takes about 6 kg olives to…


The Andalusian day

Tomorrow February 28th is the “Día de Andalucía” which is the autonomous region of Andalusia’s day and it is an official holiday throughout Andalusia. Make sure to do all necessary…


The Plastic Sea in Almería

What looks like snow in satellite photos over Almería is the so called plastic sea where a large part of Spain’s fruit and vegetables are being produced. Large parts of…


Exports of fruits and vegetables

Spain is the world’s largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables with a market share of about 13% of world wide. When it comes to fruit Spain is clearly number…


Don’t miss the almond blossoms

Right now almond trees are blossoming in many parts of Spain, an aesthetic experience of large proportions for those who have the opportunity to take a trip to the countryside….