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News from Spain


Tapas in Torrevieja

The thirteenth edition of the Ruta de la Tapa now begins in Torrevieja. This year there are as many as 57 different tapas bars participating in the highly popular event….


Antibiotic resistance

Spain has become increasingly vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Their occurrence has increased dramatically in recent years, but it is also a global problem.  November 18th is the European Antibiotic Awareness Day….


Jihadists in Spain

A number of jihadists have been arrested in Spain in recent years and a large proportion of them have Spanish nationality. A recently published study by the Real Instituto Elcano…

Treatment plant in Cerro del Aguila (Mijas Costa), just outside Fuengirola.

Investments in recycled water

The four largest treatment plants on the Costa del Sol will receive investments of 1.7 million Euro to improve the ability to recycle wastewater. It is about improving the ability…


Valueless coins in circulation

Civil Guard has issued a warning on Twitter that coins from Uruguay are in circulation in Spain. They are very similar 2-Euro coins, but completely useless. The 10-Pesos Coins from Uruguay…


Air pollution in Madrid

Madrid is for the first time forced to implement their program against acute air pollution, which was adopted in March this year. Specifically this means that at the present time…

Restaurant in Alicante

Restrictions for bars in Alicante

Residents in central Alicante are protesting against noise from bars and terraces and are now asking the municipality to close them at midnight to limit the sound levels. The residents are protesting through…


Christmas Discounts on trains

Renfe is promoting huge Christmas discounts for those who want to travel with Spanish high-speed trains and other long-distance trains during Christmas and New Year. The promotion is valid for travels between November…

Grupo Rural de Seguridad (G.R.S.) – Guardia Civil. Photo: Oscar in the middle.

Less crime in Spain

For the fourth consecutive year the crime in Spain is decreasing. The reason is considered to be that the police has been given more resources and that they are more…

U.S. 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers. All images are clickable.

NATO exercise in Spain

Right now NATO is conducting it’s  biggest military exercise in more than 10 years in Spain, Italy and Portugal. So do not be surprised if you hear cannons or military aircrafts. The…