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News from Spain


Be prepared for the christmas lottery

Tomorrow, december 22nd, the great Spanish Christmas lottery is being drawn, so whoever wants to be in has to buy a lottery ticket or a fraction of a lottery ticket. The Spanish…

The Christmas Weather in Spain. The images are clickable.

Nice Christmas weather

Although winter officially arrives Spain on December 22nd at 5:48 pm, it does not mean it’s going to be cold and rainy. It’s actually going to be sunny and dry….

Conversation at a small bar in Casabermeja.

A happy life in Spain

The secret of a happy life in Spain has now been clarified. A study has been done that can give everyone some valuable hints and tips. The survey was conducted…

Gran Canaria beach

Tourist record on Gran Canaria

Never before have so many tourists visited Gran Canaria. During the first 11 months of 2015, a total of 2,915,000 tourists visited the island, the highest number ever recorded. It is…


Traffic controls before Christmas

Spanish traffic authorities, DGT, are warning that the Guardia Civil in cooperation with local police forces are going to perform over 25,000 daily checks before Christmas. The campaign started yesterday…

Estimated distribution of mandates. Click to enlarge picture.

Uncertain election in Spain

Spain is arranging its parliamentary elections on Sunday December 20th 2015, and according to the investigations made, no party will win a majority. Metroscopia has just published a survey that clearly shows that the…

Photo: Guardia Civil

Drug trafficking boss arrested

One of Europe’s most dangerous drug trafficking bosses, 44 years old Robert Dawes from Nottingham, has been arrested in Benalmádena under a crackdown coordinated by Europol. Dawes has been under investigation…


Justin Bieber is coming to Spain

Justin Bibeber will be visiting Spain during his next European tour. Tickets will available within a few days. The European tour that starts in Berlin on September 14th 2016, according to the organizers…


Cycling teams in Spain

Spain’s coasts are attracting cycling teams like never before. Most professional teams from across Europe have set up a training camp in Spain. If you want to see the world’s best cyclists at close…

Día de la Constitución. Photo: er Guiri.

Long weekend in Spain

This Autumn’s long weekend is about to begin. On Sunday it is the Spanish Constitution Day and on Tuesday there is a religious holiday to celebrate the Immaculate Conception. It…