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Oktoberfest in Calpe

Costa Blanca’s largest beer festival is in Calpe, or Calp as it is called in the local tongue. The party lasts for 11 days.

oktoberfest-calpThe Oktoberfest starts on October 7th at 7pm (the beer tent opens at 6pm), then it goes on all day until Sunday, October 18th at 6pm. The Oktoberfest is located on Avenida Juan Carlos I, close to Les Salines in Calpe.

There is an extensive program of performances every day, the program can be read here (opens in new window). But there will be no shortage of beer, music, activities, and typical German dishes like pork (“Schweinshaxe”), German sausages, chops and the special bread Brezel – and it is open to all. The organizer Calpe Cluv Creativ estimates that more than 40,000 people will pass the beer tent this year. It is expected that more than 30,000 liters of the special Oktoberfest beer will be consumed, coming from the well-known brewery Paulaner in Munich.

oktoberfest-calpeThe tent opens every day at. 6pm and closes late. With two exceptions, Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th, it is also open between 11am and 3pm. You can reserve a table for groups of minimum 16 people by phone 601 171 481, but only between 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm. But bookings are taken only for: 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17 October, for the other days there are no bookings. For appointments, the simultaneous arrival of the whole group at. 19:00 apply, if you miss the time, the reservation is gone. The tables are not numbered, so you can not ask for a special table. Entrance for booked groups are at the Bier Garden (Jardin de la Cerveza) at the side of the main entrance, the other refers to the main entrance.

Parking is free and there is no entrance fee but it is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks.

In 1993, the organizer won the prize “Premio Turístico de la Costa Blanca” for their efforts to promote the October festival as a tourist attraction.

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