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Official siesta in Spanish village

Ador, a small Spanish village in the Valencia province, introduces ordained siesta for all of its 1,400 inhabitants. They should stay indoors between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm

siesta spain

Siesta. Artwork of Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1847-1928).

The heat wave that is now sweeping across Spain is the longest in many years. The small town of Ador responds with the drastic measure ordering the locals to stay indoors and take a siesta during the hottest hours.

1,400 residents are required to stay indoors between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm in silence, so that they can enjoy a healthy sleep. TV and music must be turned down or turned off, even children must be inside during the afternoon curfew.

Mayor of Ador, Joan Faus, told the newspaper Telegraph that “international organizations have stressed the importance of a siesta – half an hour or so is recommended” He also says that locals have asked him to introduce the siesta.

He also says that the lifestyle of Ador is suitable for siesta. “This is an agricultural area where people tend to get up early to work in the fields,” he said. “After midday it is impossible to be out because of the heat, so they will stay inside in the cool home with the air conditioning turned on.”

Lately temperatures in many parts of Spain, including Ador, has reached and passed 40 degrees. 1:30 pm every day, a policeman announces the siesta in speakers that are placed around the city.

The people of Ador obey, but the mayor insists that this is only a “recommendation”.

Resident Salvador Ferrer told the newspaper Levante-EMV that “it works for me, I can eat my lunch and then go to bed. This means that I can have a quieter siesta “.