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Norwegians in love triangle

A weekend trip to Spain for some Norwegian colleagues and friends ended in a love triangle with a wild fight and the rest of the weekend in jail.

Vigo. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov, Wikimedia Commons

Vigo. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov, Wikimedia Commons

The Norwegians traveled to Vigo in Galicia last weekend. This may seem like a perfect setting to end the summer and prepare for the long, cold Norwegian winter. But it did not evolve quite as they had planned.

They installed themselves in the city’s best hotel that also had a spa. It seemed as though the Norwegians enjoyed life, but on Saturday it escalated. In the spa area where guests usually go to get rest and relaxe there was a brawl, as one of the Norwegians discovered his wife in full intercourse with one of his colleagues.

The spurned husband was furious, and it evolved into a giant brawl a source told the Spanish newspaper “La Provincia”.

The woman later reported the man she was revealed with for rape. The police interrogated the man who had to spend the rest of the weekend in custody, while the woman was taken to a medical examination.

Neither the medical examination, the police interrogation or or police investigations gave a clear answer as to whether it really was a rape. It was therefore no great surprise that a judge on Monday decided that the case was dismissed and the man was released.

The Spanish article is not disembarking anything about how the trip home went for their colleagues, but they could hardly have been 100% satisfied.


Panorama over Vigo. Photo: Thorcho gp, Wikimedia Commons.