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The noise from oil drilling can harm whales

The test drillings outside the Canary Islands can create noise of up to 180 decibels that can harm whales and dolphins in a large area.


Photo: Pixabay

The scientific reports that Repsol was using to apply for the test drilling permit was 27 years old and contained many errors about the volume levels that may occur during oil drilling. A new report shows that a large area can be affected with sound waves of up to 180 decibels which is harmful to whales and dolphins. These animals can not stand the sound of 120 decibels and their navigation organs can be damaged by higher sounds.

The permission for drilling between 50 and 55 kilometers east of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are valid for 3 years and was released on the condition that one should consider to stop the work if it threatens people, property or the environment.

 According to EU directives the maximum noise that whales could be exposed is 120 decibels. The new reports showed noise levels of up to 180 decibels which is equivalent levels as the launch of a space rocket.

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