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Noche en Blanco in Málaga

Soon it’s time for the popular cultural event Noche en Blanco in Málaga, which takes place on the evening of May 14th.

noche-en-blanco-2016It all starts at 8 pm in the evening on May 14th and it ends at 2 am on May 15th. This year’s event is bigger than ever, with 250 different activities, which is 20% more than during last year’s edition. Last year there was a record participation with 217,559 participants, but this is expected to be beaten by a wide margin this year.

The range of activities is very large. There about exhibitions, arts, performing arts, music and more. There are so many activities that we will not even try to list everything, but if you are interested you can see the full program here (in PDF format): Noche en Blanco 2016 (opens in a new window). As usual, everything is free.


Everything started through an initiative in Paris in 2002 and the French name is Nuit Blanche. It has since spread to many cities around the world. In Madrid it started in 2006, while in Malaga the festival was first being arranged in 2008. During Noche en Blanco museums, private and public art galleries and other cultural institutions are open and free. The center of the town is being transformed into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance), thematic exhibitions, social gatherings and other activities.


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