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New tourist record

10.1 million tourists visited Spain in August, which is a new record and an increase of 5.8% compared with last year.

A beach in Barcelona. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A beach in Barcelona. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

During the first eight months, Spain has been visited by 52.5 million tourists, which is an increase of 10% compared to last year. Thus it appears that last year’s record with 68.1 million tourists for the entire year will be beaten again this year.

The Catalonia province, which includes Barcelona, was the most popular destination and 25% of the visitors chose to have their vacation here. Then follows the Balearics as the second most popular destination, followed by the Canary Islands. British tourists are in clear majority with 23% of the visited tourists this year.

Because of the uncertain situation in Greece and several terrorist attacks against tourist destinations in Turkey and Northern Africa, Spain has taken the lead as a safe and attractive tourist destination.

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