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New Spanish law on copyright

The law or rather laws that forever will change the Internet in Spain is almost here. The new laws are referred to by some as the Internet censorship.

law-bookIt’s about the law of intellectual property “La Ley de Propiedad intelectual (LPI), this is not just one act, but a whole set of intellectual property laws which will come into force on 1 January 2015. The laws are passed by parliament, and they are also known as the “Google Tax”. Similar legislation has already been adopted in Germany and has led to Google ceasing to view summary or overview of news, and in many cases completely stopped indexing news.

It is a complex collection of laws, but we will try to summarize the most important and hopefully make it somewhat understandable.

The law criminalizes in large extent the use of links and content sharing on the web. This is regardless of whether your website contains ads (and thus considered lucrative) or not. The law also means that those who publish news shall get paid every time their content is linked together in a search result.

An organization called CEDRO (Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos) is a partnership of copyright and intellectual property of Spanish authors and publishers have been given the task to collect the taxes that are allocated between the media in Aedeas (Asociación de Editores de diarios Españoles).

Who will be affected by the law
Those who certainly are hardest hit are all search engines and then primarily Google because they are big in news via “Google News”. But there is also a deathblow to sites like Digg. This is also a loss for the entire Internet, since it gives legislators the right to micromanage the content in new ways. Schools will also suffer because they have to pay 5 Euro per student to CEDRO for the use of authors’ works in their virtual campus.

googleComment from Google
“We are disappointed with the new law, because we believe that services like Google News helps publishers to drive traffic to their websites. As for the future, we will continue to work with Spanish publishers to help them increase their income, while we evaluate our options under the new regulations. ”

Editor’s conclusion
Everyone will be affected by the availability of information will be reduced or at least be significantly more difficult!