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New Spanish invention

After eight years of research and development, the Spanish company FICOSA has developed fourth-generation electronic side mirrors.


High resolution displays in the car

According to Víctor Iglesias, system architect at Ficosa, the pioneering system revolutionizes the driving experience, increases safety and efficiency, and implies an important advance towards the self-running vehicle.

The system is designed to meet the latest regulations in this area and significant improvements have been introduced compared to previous versions. The system consists of two cameras integrated in the sides of the chassis, which transmits moving images to two high resolution screens that are installed inside the vehicle. The cameras are equipped with a wide-angle lens, High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensors with 1.3 megapixels and 60fps. It is also possible to add automatic cleaning of the cameras and they can also be electrically heated and with integrated turning signals.

Significantly smaller than conventional side mirrors

Significantly smaller than conventional side mirrors

The electronic mirrors stand out by expanding the field of vision eliminating the blind spots. In addition the cameras are so small that the vehicle’s aerodynamics is significantly improved, which means a reduction of fuel consumption and wind noise. The system gives the driver an opportunity to see everything that moves around the car and can also provide the driver with active advice about surrounding cars and obstacles. The system “Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)” is now very close to mass production, and the company is already working with several clients to customize it to their specific needs.


FICOSA is a Spanish multinational company, with the full name FICOSA International SA and was founded in 1949 in Barcelona, where its head officeis still located. The company has production, development and sales offices in 18 countries on four continents, with a total of nearly 8,700 employees. The company works exclusively with security, communications and efficiency systems for the automotive industry. For more information about the company:


Head office is in Barcelona. Photo: Ficosa

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