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New political platform in Spain


Pablo Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias
Foto: Wikipedia

A new political platform is in the making in Spain. It’s not a new party, but as Pablo Iglesias, professor of political science at the University Complutense of Madrid, founder of Podemos (We can), says:

“Spain does not need more political parties, but rather a new way of practicing politics.”

“Anyone who thinks that there must be political parties and institutional representation that leads the people are wrong. Now is the time for citizens to play the lead role. The streets and squares are talking, and we’ll be there, “he says. Along with the other spokesperson for the association, Luis Alegría, he prepares now a list of names from across Spain as the autumn comes up for election in the organization should be collected in order to constitute itself and begin its work. Already, a task force formed to coordinate the work and to gather opinions from the people.

One of Podemos main issues is a referendum on the question of monarchy or republic. Iglesias believes that the established parties betrayed their voters by only approve King Juan Carlos and the abdication of the throne of the takeover of the country’s new King Felipe VI.

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