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New market in the Málaga province

The first permanent market for the brand “Sabor en Malaga” with products exclusively from local producers will soon open in Coín.

sabor_a_malagaThe brand has been created by the provincial government to promote food companies in the Malaga province and the literal meaning is “Taste of Malaga”. The new market is the first of its kind, but it is assumed that there will be many more in the province. The idea is that small producers can sell without intermediaries, and a very large proportion of the products are organic.

The new building is located on a 1,400 square meter plot next to the shopping center La Trotcha just east of the center of Coín. The building is approximately 800 square meters with a 200 square meter courtyard. There is space for around 40 different stalls with products mainly from Valle del Guadalhorce and investments behind the project are totaling 336,326 euros.


The emerging market in Coín

Like many other building projects, there have been some delays, but the new market is expected to be inaugurated in late May. The market will be open Tuesday to Sunday and will be closed on Mondays.

There is already a popular market with products from local producers on Sundays, but it is smaller and has only small stands with tent roof. It lies in the street outside the New Market and next tothe is very popular flea market, also on Sundays.


The existing local Sunday market.

rastro coin

The popular flea market held every Sunday in the parking garage at the La Trotcha mall in Coín. Since it is under roof, it is independent of the weather conditions.

Editor’s Note: As far as we can see when we drive past the construction site, as we do everyday, it looks like the plan with the opening in May may have the to succeed. We will come back with more information.


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