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New heat wave over Spain

Today on 20. June, Aemet has published a warning of a new heatwave over Spain. High temperatures are expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This is the expetcted temperatures on Saturday 24. June 2017, reported by

During the next few days high temperatures are expected to return in much of the country with high or very high values on Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th.

After a few days of respite and unstable atmospheric conditions in most inland areas, a mass of warm air will start to stabilise the atmosphere again on Thursday and so produce a new episode of high temperatures. Temperatures above the average for the time of year are again forecast for most of the country and including the Baleares and Canaries. Only the regions of the far north will remain unaffected.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, temperatures around 40 degrees or above are expected in central areas of the country and in northern Andalucia. In other inland areas, the Mediterranean coasts and the Baleares and Canaries, maximum temperatures above 34/36 are expected.

From Sunday 25th, an area of cut-off Low pressure at high altitude will move in from the Atlantic and is likely to cause a sudden drop in temperatures in western areas, moving across the country and reaching the eastern Mediterranean coasts by Monday/Tuesday. This marked drop in temperatures will also be notable in the Canaries from Saturday/Sunday.

Thus, temperatures will again return to those more normal for the time of year. The cut-off Low will also cause a lot of instability in the atmosphere and will probably cause storms and heavy or very heavy downpours, most likely on Sunday or Monday and with greater probability in northern and central areas of the country. It is possible that the atmospheric instability will start on Saturday night in more western areas.


Weather forecast for Thursday 22. June 2017

Weather forecast for Friday 23. June 2017

Weather forecast for Saturday 24. June 2017, reported by

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