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New election in Spain

The King has given up trying to give some new candidate the opportunity to form a government, so now it seems that Spain goes to the elections on June 26th.

King Felipe VI and President of the Congress Patxi López.

King Felipe VI and President of the Congress Patxi López.

King Felipe VI held a third consultation round with the leaders of the various parties on April 25th to 26th and it ended as feared – without results. No party is near the support needed to form a government and after for four months of fruitless negotiations it seems impossible to form a new government.

The heads of the four largest parties, Mariano Rajoy (PP), Pedro Sanchez (PSOE), Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) and Albert Rivera (Ciudadano) are all blaming each other. Most implacable is Pablo Iglesias who puts all the blame on the PSOE that there will be new elections.

In accordance with the Constitution, King Felipe VI will have to announce the dissolution of the parliament on May 2nd and call new elections for June 26th. A new parliament can be constituted on July 20th at the earliest. King Felipe VI has asked the party leaders to be restrained in the upcoming election campaign.

There is a small theoretical possibility that there will be an agreement before the deadline at midnight on May 2, but no one really expect that this will happen. Spain has rules for how long the campaign should be, and this election campaign will officially start on June 10.

According to polls, Ciudadanos are expected to gain more votes, while PSOE and the PP are expected to grow marginally. Podemos is expected to become the big loser in a new election. But one should never be on the safe side. Polls are one thing and the election results can be something else.