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New dog beach in Santa Pola

On May 1st Santa Pola municipality on the Costa Blanca is opening their first dog beach. The beach will be monitored and cleaned daily during high season.

santa-pola-dog-beachTo enable the creation of the dog beach it has been necessary to change the regulations that govern the use and exploitation of beaches. These amendments were adopted already on December 21st last year.

There will be installed a minimum of 10 containers for collecting waste on the dog beach and there will be a special area next to the beach where dogs can be aired. There will also be a new parking spot and information signs showing how the beach may be used.

Municipal Council of beaches, Mercedes Landa, says that during peak season there will be employees who patrolling the beach daily checking that the rules are being followed. She also suggested that there might be staff even during mid-season. Moreover the beaches will cleaned daily and there will be a larger monthly inspection of both the beach and the water.


The rules that apply are that the owners must immediately pick up after their pets, and they must also be chipped and have been vaccinated and treated against worms. Dogs who have an infectious disease, bitches in heat or dogs with a past history of aggression have no access to the beach. Dogs belonging to the potentially “dangerous breeds” shall be in a leash and must wear a muzzle. Moreover, one peron can only bring a maximum of two dogs and no form of training of dogs are allowed on the beach. Puppies that have not been vaccinated yet are also prohibited.


The area with the beach is known as Caleta del Gossets. A competition among children has been announced in the municipality to find a name for the new dog beach. Which name is chosen is going to be settled before the official opening, but the two favorites are said to be “Playa Guau Guau” (Guau is the Spanish version of Woof) and “Pis Beach”.