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New and stricter law on abortion is not implemented

President Mariano Rajoy

President Mariano Rajoy
Photo: Wikipedia

Plans for a new law on abortion that only allows abortion in case of rape or danger to the mother’s health has been suspended by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The proposal for the new abortion law was met with broad political opposition even among Rajoy’s own colleagues, although this was part of the election programme in 2011. The bill has led to massive street demonstrations in Spain. After it became known that the law is stopped, abortion opponents demonstrated in Madrid with the message that the current abortion law leads to too many abortions.

Today, abortion is legal in Spain until 14 weeks of pregnancy. Spain is a Catholic country and abortion was first permitted in 1985 but then only in cases of rape or when there was a risk of danger to the child or the mother’s health. One of the biggest controversies of the proposed reform was that abortion should not be permitted in cases of severe abnormalities in the fetus.

Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon who is the architect behind the controversial bill announced his retirement shortly after it became official that the law not will be put into life.He leave politics after a 30 year long career.

Rajoy told the press that this was the most sensible decision and, instead of a ban on abortion, the government will work to get 16 and 17 year olds not to have an abortion without parental consent.

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