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New 20 Euro banknotes

The new 20-euro banknote is being put into circulation today, Wednesday November 25th, and has several new innovations to enhance security and prevent counterfeit.

20-euroThere are 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euro banknotes. They are legal tender in 19 euro countries. The new euro notes show architectural styles from different periods in the history of Europe and the series is therefore called the Europe series.

The new five euro banknote was introduced on May 2nd 2013, while the 10-euro banknote in the Europe series was put into circulation on September 23rd 2014. Now is the time for the most common banknote, the 20 Euro. For higher values, there still has been no release date.

Just like the first series, the notes in this series are showing architectural styles from seven periods in European cultural history, but they show no real monuments or bridges. The styles are:

€ 5: Classic
€ 10: Romanticism
€ 20: Gothic
€ 50: Renaissance
€ 100: Baroque and rococo
€ 200: 1800 iron and glass architecture.
€ 500: 1900s architecture

An independent banknote designer from Berlin, Reinhold Gerstetten, was chosen to update the euro banknotes.

The front of the new 20-Euro banknote

The front of the new 20-Euro banknote

If we look a little closer at the new 20-euro banknote it has, as the other banknotes in The Europe series, a portrait of Europe. In the upper part of the hologram there is a portrait of Europe and when the banknote is being tilted rainbow colored lines are shown around the denomination. On the back of the banknote appears a rainbow colored value in the window. It has also got a new emerald green number (20) In the number is a light effect that moves up and down, The number also changes color from emerald green to dark blue.



The first series of euro banknotes will be released together with the new European series until the stocks of the old notes are all gone. They will then be gradually phased out. The date when the first banknote series ceases to be legal tender will be announced in good time. The first series of banknotes will always retain its value and you can change them in any of the euro system national central banks indefinitely.

Source and images: The European Central Bank (ECB).