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Netflix is now available in Spain

The popular video streaming service Netflix has since midnight today, Tuesday October 20th, been available in Spain.

Netflix-logoThe price is comparable to what it costs in other European countries. The basic package that provides the ability to watch videos in standard quality on one device costs €7.99 per month.

To watch HD quality video at up to two devices simultaneously, you pay €9.99  per month. If you want to watch movies and shows in 4K – ultrahigh resolution, at a maximum of four displays simultaneously you must pay €11.99 per month.

The first month is free. Users will be asked of payment method at registration, but do not have to pay anything immediately.

All programs will be dubbed into Spanish, with subtitles, but it’s also possible to see everything in the original version. The selection is partly international with many popular shows and movies, but there is also much that is produced in Spain.

Here is the first list of what is available from Spanish Netflix: (next click on “Complete Alphabetical List …”)