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Netflix is coming in October

Finally the video streaming service Netflix is coming to televisions across Spain from October.

netflixNetflix announced in June that their service will be available this year in Spain, this after they skipped Spain during last year’s European expansion. CEO Neil Hunt has now, in an interview with the newspaper El Periodico said that the Spanish launch is in October, he also talked about the indicative costs. But he could not specify the exact date, but the launch will be between the first and last October.

The price will be comparable to what it costs in other European countries, in order to watch videos in standard quality on one device at a time, according to Hunt it will cost € 7.99 per month.

To watch HD quality video at up to two devices at the same time you will have to pay 8:99 € per month. To watch movies and shows in 4K – ultrahigh resolution, at a maximum of four screens each time one must pay 11:99 € per month. Prices are not yet fully 100% nailed, so there may be changes.

Hunt said that most appliances sold in Spain during the last 18 months is fully compatible with Netflix, since manufacturers have foreseen the Spanish Netflix launch. Vodafone announced last week that they will be the first cable TV provider who signs a contract with Netflix. This means that those who have Vodafone cable TV will be able to use Netflix app through their set-up boxes.