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Muslims and christians fighting on the Costa Blanca

This weekend it is again time for the festival Moros y Cristianos in Altea on the nothern Costa Blanca

Moros y Cristianos festival

From a Moos and Christians festival in the Alicante Province
Photo: Wikipedia

The festival is recounting the battles that took place between christians and moors in the 1400’s and it is set up a castle in the middle of town of Altea where the “fighting” is to take place. On Saturday there is the Moorish invasion to be retold and on Monday it is the Christian’s turn to invade the castle. It is expecting a large amount of tourists in Altea this weekend.

Spain was occupied by the Moors for more than 800 years and the Christians attempted to regain control of the country on several fronts. In 1492 the Muslim empire finally fell as Isabel and Fernando won back Granada. But several major battles between Muslims and Christians took place in other cities in Spain and several cities organize their ows Moros y Cristianos festival, but at different times of the year.