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Motorcycles were auctioned

The Spanish Court auctioned 7 motorcycles seized from Hells Angels Spain.

Hells Angels MC SpainIt was about seven large motorcycles of which five Harley Davidson with an estimated total value of 50,152 euros. The bikes belonged to imprisoned members of the Hells Angels who was arrested last summer during a raid in Mallorca. The defendants in the case belong to the German branch of the Hells Angels who were trying to form a network of companies in Mallorca. The purpose of the network was to serve as a facade for whitewashing of foreign capital as well as capital from their own criminal activities like prostitution, extortion and drug trafficking.

The auction was held last Friday and took place in court in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca where the bikes were stored. It was possible to bid in person or via the Internet.

The operation against the criminal organization was a result of reconnaissance operations at the Guardia Civil and drug police in Mallorca, reinforced by external agents from the Drug Squad and the unit against organized crime. The leader of the league in Mallorca was the German Frank Hanebuth and the members came from Germany, Turkey and Luxembourg.

yamaha royal star
Yamaha Royal Star, one of the auctioned models. Photo: Yamaha

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