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Mosquito invasion in Torrevieja

Since Thursday night, Torrevieja has been hit by a sudden mosquito invasion. The municipality made an emergency call on Friday to use insecticides in areas where the mosquitoes might hatch.


Photo: Wikipedia.

The large rainfall during the last week of August has led to large numbers of mosquitoes in Torrevieja. The municipality will start spraying wetland areas, urbanisations and other areas where the mosquitoes can hatch. The work will start on Saturday 9. September and continue until Thursday 14. September.

The mosquito invasion was particularly noticeable at the Friday market, where it became a topic of discussion among the visitors and sellers who were working at the market stalls.

Some people have had to seek medical assistance due to large amounts of mosquito bites. On Friday, many shops and pharmacies ran out for mosquito repellent.

How to prevent them from spreading
To prevent mosquitoes from hatching, you should remove water puddles where they can lay their eggs. You should empty flower pots, buckets, cans and similar items on your terrace or in your garden regularly. Used car tires have in many cases proved to be ideal hatching places for the mosquitoes and therefore you should not have such lying outdoors as they can get filled with water. For water bodies that can not be emptied or inhabited by insect-eating fish, there is still no other realistic means than using insecticides.

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