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Mosquito Invasion expected

Due to the recent heavy rainfall, a mosquito invasion is now expected in Costa Blanca. In particular there is a high risk around the salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata.


Tiger Mosquito. Photo: Wikipedia.

The rain has created almost ideal conditions for mosquitoes and Torrevieja municipality has activated a campaign called “Operación Mosquito”. It is now Compañía de Tratamiento Levante who is working on preventing the mosquito invasion.

Massive poison spraying is now in progress and special attention is paid to the urbanizations San Luis, El Limonar, Torreta III, Baños de Europa, Torreta Florida, Los Balcones and La Mata. In addition the road CV-95 that ends at Juan Mateo is being sprayed.

Tiger mosquitoes are especially feared because their significant presence in the area (as well as on the Balearic Islands). Everyone can help by removing all stagnant pools of water in the surrounding area. You should regularly empty flower pots, buckets, cans and the like.

More information about the tiger mosquitoes and how to prevent the expected mosquito invasion here: Fight against tiger mosquitoes.