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More fruit and vegetables exported

Spain is exporting more fruits and vegetables. The Spanish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables increased by 11.7% in 2015 compared with the previous year.

fruit-vegetablesLast year the value of exported fresh fruit and vegetables was 11.902 million Euro. When it comes to exports in volume, there was a total of 12,789,939 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables that were sent from Spain. In volume terms, this meant an increase of + 2.29% compared to last year.

Of course fresh fruit and vegetables are also being imported to Spain. We have become accustomed to having all kinds of fruits and vegetables available throughout the year and we also want to have access to fruits and vegetables that are not grown in Spain. The imports also rose last year to 1.971 million Euro, an increase of 14.22%. A total of 2,591,783 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables was imported from abroad.

Tomatoes are still Spain’s most exported vegetable, although the value (-1.76%) and the volume (-1.81%) declined slightly, with a total of 962 million euros (949.998 tonnes). As number two of the vegetables are peppers (+ 6.75%) 833 million euros, then salad (+ 13.07%) 631 million Euro.

The value of fruit exports reached 7,063 million Euro, an increase of 11.9%, and the volume was 7,584,410 tonnes (+ 5%). A significant growth has been registered for exports of berries, which accounted for 1,019 billion euros, an increase of 22%.

The EU countries bought most of the exported products and the EU market increased by 13%. Germany is the largest importer of Spanish fruit and vegetables with 2.944 million Euro (+ 14%). Followed by France with 2.123 million Euro (+ 11%) and Britain with 1.614 billion Euro (+ 12%). Exports to Italy increased by 21% and amounted to 778 million euros.

Whe it comes to exports to countries in the Americas, Brazil is the largest market. They bought for 89 million euros (+ 26%). In second place on the continent are the United States, where there has been a significant improvement. They imported for 75 million euros (+ 67%). Exports to Africa and China are still at very modest levels, China bought for 4 million euro, while Japan and South Korea imported for 2 million Euro.