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Mobile prices are increasing

The three largest mobile operators in Spain increase their prices after six years of consecutive declines

Orange_logo.svgLast Friday, Orange notified that they will increase their prices after Movistar and Vodaphone previously have done the same. The increase takes place from late September and Orange also increases the amount of data in their mobile packages. Their explanation for the increase is expenses related to the comprehensive development of the 4G network in Spain.

Orange earlier this year bought mobile- and internet provider Jazztel and thereby the competition in the Spanish mobile and ADSL market was significantly reduced. Orange has begun notifying the affected mobile and landline customers about the price increase. This includes customers who have a Canguro subscription.

facuaConsumer organization FACUA in turn alerts that customers who have a long term contract should not accept the increase, as they have signed an agreement which can not be changed during the contract period. These customers should continue to pay the same amount until the permanency is finished. Should Orange deny this, one has the right to cancel the contract without paying any kind of violation fee, FACUA claims. FACUA has prepared a battery of complaints forms that can be used in such cases.

You can read FACUA’s press release about the price increase here (in Spanish).

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