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Mercadona is coming to Lanzarote

The supermarket chain Mercadona, which is considered one of Spain’s most successful, opens on Lanzarote today.


Illustration: Wikipedia

The new store is located in the industrial area Argan Baja with 60 employees. Mercadona plans to open an additional three stores in Lanzarote.

Mercadona stores are characterized by being spacious and having a large selection of quality brand food and a large tempting vegetable department. Mercadona also has a separate cosmetics section with a large selection of makeup and skincare products that are much cheaper than in back home.

You can get free home delivery if you pick the goods yourself in the store and shop for more than a certain amount. You can even order through their website and get the goods delivered to your door, but this service has a small fee that covers the time employees spend on picking the goods for the customer.

Mercadona has more than 1,400 stores in Spain and had a turnover in 2013 of19, 8 billion euro.

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