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Measures against dog poop and littering

Madrid municipality is planning high fines for those who do not pick up after their dog. The same will apply to littering in public places.

dog-poopIt is Madrid’s Mayor Manuela Carmena who has decided a harder line against both dog owners and against littering among teenagers who take part in street parties (Botellón). Fines for not picking up after your dog will vary from € 751 to € 1,500. Anyone who can not pay the fine can transform it into weekend work to participate cleaning the streets. The municipality has prepared a map showing which areas are hardest hit by the dog poop in the streets.

Weekend work is going to start at 9 am and will last until 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The municipality is responsible for rubber gloves, vests and boots. For a € 100 fin to be paid a minimum of 4 hours of work is required, while for serious offenses it can be up to 28 hours of work according to the municipality.

Manuela Carmena

Manuela Carmena

Madrid is not the only city taking action against careless dog owners. In the suburb Brunete there are inspectors who monitor lazy dog owners. The dog dung is being sent back to the owners as a warning. In other cities events are being video monitored and Xàtiva in Valencia has created a DNA database of feces, where the owners must pay fines and the costs of DNA testing.

When it comes to littering from teenage parties and other street parties, known as Botellón, these offenders could also choose community service “or any other option measures to make them aware of how to behave in public places.”

The day after a "Botellón" en Madrid

The day after a “Botellón” en Madrid

Manuela Carmena aims that Madrid will become one of Europe’s cleanest cities, and in June the new rules will be extended to apply to persons who are: throwing cigarette butts, feeding pigeons, searching in paper baskets or bins, tagging walls and street furniture or urinating on streets.