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Mass demonstrations against test drilling

Tomorrow Saturday 18 October at 6 p.m. there will be mass demonstrations on all 8 Canary Islands against oil drillings. There will even be som demonstrations in Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga.

Protests against oil drillingsOver 30 Canarian resistance groups have now joined forces to organize this mass demonstration and according to press reports from the organizers it is expected that 100,000 protesters will take part and the case will also be extensively covered by the media.

The motto for the demonstrations are: “Aquí vivimos, aquí decidimos: no a RePPsol” “We live here, we decide and not RePPsol. Repsol is written with only one P, but in the motto for the demonstrations an additional P has ben added to simultaneously protest against the Spanish Partido Popular, often simply referred to as PP.

The protests will be conducted at the following locations:
La Graciosa: Muelle de Caleta de Sebo
Lanzarote: Calle Real (Arrecife)
Fuerteventura: Pl. de la Iglesia (Puerto)
Gran Canaria: Auditorio Alfredo Kraus; Las Palmas
Tenerife: Parque de García Sanabria
La Gomera: Pl. de las Américas
La Palma: Pl. de España (Los Llanos)
El Hierro: Plaza Santiago (Valverde)

On the spanish mainland at the following locations and hours:
Barcelona: centro de Plaça Catalunya kl 18:30
Málaga: El Muelle, Next to the Greenpeace boat Barco de Greenpeace, kl 19:00
Madrid: Puerta del Sol, kl 19:00
Bilbao: Pi, Arriaga (kl 13:00)

Save Canarias

You may read more about the protests on the Facebook page for the campaign which is called oct 18 or just O18 and on the Facebook page for the organisation Save Canarias.

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