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Marbella International Film Festival

For the next few days hundreds of film fanatics are expected to come to Marbellas’ ninth International Film Festival.

palacio congresos marbella

The Palacio de Congresos in Marbella where most of the screenings will take place is in walking distance from Marbella centre

The festival takes place from 1-5 October at the H10 Andalucía Plaza and the Palacio de Congresos and film-makers from all over the world will be in town to present their films and get inspiration. A red carpet will be rolled out in Marbella during the festival where more than 60 independent films will be be screened.

There will be world premieres from many countries and all the films, animations and documentaries will be shown in their original language with english subtitles, except from films that are already with english sound as they will have spanish subtitles.

The access to the screenings are free, but all visitors are encouraged to give a donation to “the World Trust”, which is a foundation for independent film makers. You may register your free ticket to the screenings on the website of the festival: