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Mar Menor

The 3000 illegal berths in Mar Menor will be removed. A plan has been developed to upgrade the infrastructure with new traditional, legal docks.

mar-menorMinister for Public Works, Francisco Bernabe, recently visited San Pedro del Pinatar and said “Mar Menor will regain its mark with traditional bridges, through building new berths in the lagoon. These should be linked to the activity of the sailing schools and tourist centers. ”

He added: “We are committed to provide the best possible protection and promotion of the lagoon. This is important in order to recreate the traditional infrastructure.” He also had a meeting with municipal leaders in San Pedro, and entrepreneurs and investors to explain the plan and how he hopes that it will contribute to” an end to the illegal berths in Mar Menor, so that these boats can get new legal places “.

The Regional Government will soon begin with the first steps. Seven areas for boats are going to be created. These will be equipped with parking spaces and ramps into the water. But they will also argue that what is usually found in marinas should be in place, and also a development of ecological projects.

Cristina Narbona

Cristina Narbona

Cristina Narbona calls for a law to protect Mar Menor

The former socialist environment minister has posed a question to the regional government on how they intend to fulfill their obligation to protect the lagoon. She wants a commission to protect the lagoon and requires political willingness to save the ecosystems that are particularly threatened by climate change.

The Residents platform “Pacto por el Mar Menor” continues to seek support for achieving consensus on the need to restore the environmental values of the lagoon.