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Mango exports tripled

The Málaga Province triples the exports of mangoes to the European market and supply mangoes of better quality than the South American producers.



The international trade fair for fruit and vegetables in Madrid is now taking place and all the leading marketers in the industry are represented. On the opening day, the exhibition was attended by the President of the Junta de Andalucia, Susana Diaz and the Minister of Agriculture Isabel García Tejerina. All participants seemed to be in complete agreement that the tropical fruits from Spain has been very well received in Europe. Participants of the fair are now competing in a contest to find new markets for their products.

Juan Antonio Reyes from Reyes Gutiérrez Málaga says that “the reception of the mangoes in Europe has been tremendous,” and that the success of the Malaga province’s fruit is because of the high quality. Here mangoes are harvested after they have ripened on the trees and the fruit is then distributed quickly to the consumers. The fruits from Brazil and Peru, are harvested when they are still green, giving a much poorer taste.

Israel has a fruit season which coincides with the Spanish, but they have focused more on the Arab countries and the UK, which has provided benefits for the Spanish peasants now focusing on the european market. The problem here is that the season is short, which will now be solved by growing several varieties of mango. In the Málaga Province 3,400 hectares of mangoes is grown, but Europe imports about 250,000 tonnes a year, so the potential is huge.

In the Málaga province 25,000 tonnes is being produced this year, which is over three times as much as last year’s 7,000 tons. The price that farmers got paid at the beginning of the season was € 0.75 per kilo and has now increased to 1.80 € per kilo. The farmers were afraid that they would produce too much fruit, but instead the demands has exceeded the supply.