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Málaga wine to space

The famous Bodega El Pimpi in Málaga has now reached another peak. A group of employees have sent a balloon 40,000 meters into the stratosphere.

pimpi-i-rommetThe brain behind the initiative was one of the chefs at El Pimpi, Borja Ramos, who was motivated by films he had seen on the Internet. He thought a balloon that was big enough to carry a camera would be a good idea. He spoke with some colleagues and thought that it could be a fun surprise for the owners of El Pimpi.

The first step was to buy a latex balloon via an online store in India and then fill it with about three cubic meters of helium. Then they bought a box of expanded polystyrene to pack cameras, battery and GPS tracker. Then, an image of El Pimpi placed outside the box on a small platform of acrylate.

The image of El Pimpi was made by an artist from Málaga who call himselves «La Popera Kanibal». He specializes in creative use of a material called Fimo. It is a material that is resistant to extreme temperatures, which is important as a “Space Mission” implies extreme weather.

The next step was to seek permission both from the civil Aviation Authority AENA and additionally the military Aviation Authorities. They were then authorized to make the ascent from Villamesías Badajoz. Borja, Pancho, Salvatore and Ivan failed however in their first attempt.

pimpi-backgroundBut they did not give up. They tried again and this time they asked for permission to make the ascent from Pedroche (Córdoba). Pepe Cobos, one of the owners of El Pimpi was born there and now they succeeded. But the balloon disappeared and they could not get a GPS signal from it.

But one and a half months later, Borja got a GPS signal from Alcudia de Guadix (Granada). Borja went there and found a shepherd who had found the box and pressed a button that activated the GPS signal. The cameras had recorded about two hours of the ascent and an hour of the descent. The group then decided to edit a video, so that it can be seen by the public under the hashtag #orgullopimpi.

The video:

If you want to know more about El Pimpi, their website is:

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