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Málaga stops Barcelona

Málaga FC managed to completely eliminate the FC Barcelona striker at la Rosaleda. Barcelona did not even have a shot towards the goal

malaga barcelona

FC Barcelona and FC Malaga at Rosaleda in Málaga.
Photo: Erixon Consulting

Barcelona who has started the league with four straight wins now lost their first points away from home against Malaga. Malaga’s defense proved to be completely impervious to Barcelona and the game ended 0 – 0. Barcelona had the ball almost the entire match but were unable to get a single shot towards the goal, something that has not happened since 2003/2004.

Towards the end Barcelona tried to increase the pressure and coach Luis Enrique replaced the new talents Sandro and Munir, who had not been particularly successful. But with no result. After 80 minutes Messi broke into the penalty area, resulting in today’s hot topic. Malaga defender Weligton came in confrontation with Messi, he grabbed Messi and threw him to the ground. Gerard Pique became angry and got a yellow card. Several players wanted to see Weligton expelled, but it was only a yellow card for him too.

Weligton Robson Pena de Oliveira:
“I grabbed his face after he called me hijo de puta” (son of a whore) says Weligton according to the radio program El Lagueros.

“I touched Messi in the face, but I never had any intention of hurting him,” said Weligton to the radio station Cadena Cope after the game.