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Major drugs seizures in Gibraltar

Guardia Civil have seized 15 tons of drugs in the Campo de Gibraltar during the last two months, of which about 14 tons of hashish and 1 ton of cocaine.

drug seizures in gibraltar

The drugs that were hidden in the cargo.
Photo: Guardia Civil

86 people have been arrested in connection with the seizures. The largest seizure took place last week at the Port of Algeciras, where eight tons was discovered in a double-bottomed trailer. It was the drug dog “Akin” that made the discovery. The drug was well camouflaged between thick layers of concrete and the steel in the trailer’s chassis.

Other measures in the Gibraltar area and in the Strait of Gibraltar have been made possible by “SIVE” (Sistema Interegrado de Vigilancia Exterior). SIVE is an electronic monitoring of the oceans in the Strait of Gibraltar, Balearic and Canary Islands. The system has been created to stop smuggling and illegal immigration. In this case, the system has resulted in six tonnes seized hashish and 23 arrested.

In several of the total of 11 operations, there has been a collaboration between the Guardia Civil and Tax Administration Department of Risk Analysis “UAR” (Unidad de Análisis de Riesgo).

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