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Looking for mass grave in Granada

Archaeological excavations after the civil war victims starts around Peñón del Colorado in Granada on 17 November.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca.
Photo: Wikipedia

It is a continuation of the work started about a year ago, to find a probable mass grave since the Spanish Civil War, where the team now uses the so-called ground penetrating radar to find irregularities in the terrain that may indicate the existence of a mass grave.

Already in 2009 an attempt was made on the same site with no results. The archaeological team consists of specialists from several different universities led by the archaeologist, Javier Navarro, who say they are looking for victims of war, but that among these relics can be found García Lorca and at least three others, according to journalist and author Eduardo Molina Fajardo (1914- 1979). The cost of excavation is estimated at nearly 16,000 euros.

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