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Lifeguards on Torrevieja’s beaches

Since last weekend, there has been Red Cross personnel at the Torrevieja’s beaches and lookouts, but they are not yet fully staffed.


One of the Red Cross’ first aid cabins in Torrevieja

There are a total of 26 lifeguard posts and nine cabins for first aid at the municipal beaches, all run by the Red Cross at a cost to the municipality of 450,000 euros. The service started already last weekend in a limited extent. On June 20th staffing is being increased to 44 people and five of the first cabins will open. On June 29th staffing is increased to full strength, that means 75 people and that all cabins will be staffed. The service runs seven days a week starting at 11:00 until 19:00.

There is also a fully equipped ambulance, several emergency vehicles and two speedboats in readiness.

On August 31st the workforce is being reduced to 44 again, and four of the cottages will be shut down. On September 20 the service stops for the season.


Red Cross ambulance

The employees of the Red Cross promises that they will reach beach visitors in distress within a maximum of five minutes. In the cabins there is an impressive equipment for medical treatment. In the cabins you can also ask for identity bracelets for children and elderly, so that lifeguards easily can reach parents or relatives of lost or confused beach visitors.

Red Cross not only offers life saving services, but can also help disabled swimmers on the beaches of Los Naufragos, Los Locos and Piscinas Nature on Paseo Juan Aparicio. Those who have limited mobility can also request transportation to the beach by calling the Red Cross at tel. 965 711 818 in July and August. The service is completely free and, of course, you will also get free transport back again.