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Life expectancy in Spain

A new study shows that Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe and that Spanish mothers are the oldest on the continent.

Old Couple

An elderly happy couple. Photo: Ian McKenzie.

The benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fish, vegetables and olive oil, has long been known. Now Eurostat has conducted a new study showing that Spaniards live longer than their European counterparts with a life expectancy of 82.5 years. Close behind Spain are the two Mediterranean countries Italy and France, which also has a lifespan of over 82 years. Great Britain is in 10th place. Worldwide, only Japan surpasses Spain.

At the bottom of life scale within the EU, are Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. They all have a life expectancy below 75 years.

As most know, there are also differences between men and women, women live longer in some countries. But the differences vary greatly across the EU as a whole, live women on average 5.6 years longer than men. The smallest difference is in Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK, where the difference is only 3.7 years. The biggest difference is in the Baltic countries by 11.2 years in Lithuania, Estonia 10.1 years and Latvia 10 years.

Those who are interested and have the energy may read through the interesting 214-page report (in English and in PDF format) here: