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Large weapons seizure in Spain

Guardia Civil has made one of its largest seizures of illegal weapons and ammunition ever. The raid was made in Galicia’s second largest city, A Coruña.

guns-guardiacivilDuring the operation, with the working title “Garand” 110 firearms were confiscated. Including 30 rifles, 18 machine guns, 47 pistols, 12 rifles and carbines, three revolvers, 10 silencers, 5 kg gunpowder, more than 130,000 cartridges of different caliber. In addition, important parts for modifying weapons were found, and extensive documentation and computers are to be analyzed.

One person was arrested in connection with the weapons seizure and he is now charged with possession and trafficking of military weapons and forgery. He is also suspected of running a secret workshop to modify, repair and rebuild collectible weapons to fully operational weapons. The seized weapons will now be analyzed to determine if they have been involved in any crimes in Spain.


According to the Guardia Civil most illegal guns are introduced as parcels that have been purchased on the Internet. These weapons are not registered in any national database and are therefore sought after on the illicit market.