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Jean Marc Sintes

Jean Marc is the owner of the Ink Shop – Tienda de Cartuchos in Fuengirola

The owner of The Ink Shop, Jean Marc

The owner of The Ink Shop, Jean Marc

Fuengirola has surpassed Torremolinos, the vacation city of all cities in the Malaga area in amount of visiting tourists. Fuengirola seems to have gotten it all. The best beaches, the young party people, the senior citizens at winter time and everything in between, from temporary golf players, the Spanish people and foreigners who settle with a career.

Jean Marc is a jazz musician with the piano as his instrument. He has semi-divorced with his passion to follow the living, his shop. He puts a lot of energy into what he does. So what he does, he does it full heartedly and for a reason. With 30% foreigners in town Fuengirola needs a man like Jean Marc – someone that’s speaks fluently several languages and is willing to give you “more for the bucks”. If you’ve lived in the area for a while, you learn that the Spaniards don’t have the sevice minded approach in their veins.

The apple doesn’t fall down far from the trunk

His family lived of offset printing so his shop is in a way linked to the old fashion way to print and is a continuation of the family business. Nowadays, INK is the last trace of this old profession as most of the today’s printing is done digitally. Anyway, everyone needs ink now and then and Jean Marc can as the only provider in Fuengirola offer the refills and compatibles.Jean Marc has always been in the retail business and used to have a “pimp my bike” shop. Unfortunately the shop didn’t survive when the financial crush happened. Time changes and people need change. What does not change is JM’s love for people. By loving life and people, he gets to do what he loves – the everyday contact with people through his shop is essential for his living.

Jean Marc was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. However, he came to Costa del Sol because he likes the Spanish life style. He moved with his mom and brother 15 years ago, in 2001. As they always came to Spain when they were children, Jean Marc easily adapted the lifestyle.

It sounds very mythical to have lived in Casablanca. Maybe because of the film with the same name? He grew up in the 70-80’s and he says that Marocco was at that time an incredible place. He grew up with a mix of nationalities and with friendly, polite and good people. He says it’s a people with calmness in their minds. He adds that today, it’s a very prosperios place compared to the time when the film Cassablanca describe a very accurate storyline of the place with the war. Otherwise, the film is a fiction with all scenes shot in Hollywood. The myth can fool us all.

Jean Marc also speaks arabic and surprises the Moroccans in Costa del Sol with his white appearance. Anyway, whatever or wherever you’re from, most likely he can speak to you in your native mother tounge if you speak Spanish, French, English or Moroccon.

l1050693-la-tiendaLa Tienda de Cartuchos runs well together with his younger brother as they fill out each others interests and knowledge. As night and day, they complete each other with the differences.

The best during the day is when he gets a nice chat with someone. For you as a client, he doesn’t spare the inspirational knowledge about how you can save money by bying his ink and refill cartidges and all other goods that you actually can buy from him. You thought maybe ink was all that he was selling, but refill, toner, printer paper, new printers, bluetooth speakers, LED bulbs with speakers and 3D eyewear are additional goods you can get with Jean Marc.

The trip to his shop is worth the money, if not only for a nice chat that would leave you with a happy smile. His shop creates the charm you cannot find in a city anymore, but Fuengirola has it with La Tienda de Cartuchos and Jean Marc. What more can I say, life is priceless these days with the good old days chat and a smile.

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