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International Fair in Fuengirola

The annual fair, Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, has started. 27 countries and 6 spanish provinces are represented with their own Caseta, an exhibition of their own culture with music, dance, food and drinks.

The main parade with representatives from all casetas dressed up in traditional folk costumes starts tomorow Friday 11 am at plaza Espana and is expetcted to arrive at the fair ground around 1 pm.

Here are some of the things you can see during this great party.

Camels at the Fair in Fuengirola 2015

Camel rides is a new attraction


Sewdish beer and a great swedish smile

Jamaica Fair in Fuengirola 2015

Jamaican bartender

Norwegain music at the Fair in Fuengirola 2015

The Norwegian Martine Kraft Band

Colombia Fair in Fuengirola 2015

Colombian folk dance

Bulgaria Fair in Fuengirola 2015

Bulgarian Folk dance


Folk music from Galicia

Cuban dancers  - Fair in Fuengirola 2015

Dancers in front of the Cuban Caseta