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Important archaeological discovery

During the initial phase of construction of a hotel in Estepona, an archeological site was unearthed that proves to be a very important archaeological discovery on the Iberian peninsula.

Screendump: Youtube

Screendump: Youtube

The ruins turn out to be a tannery that has been in the outskirts of the old city Estebunna and are in a very good condition. The tannery is dated  back to the 11th and 12th centuries and consists of 5 round and 4 rectangular pools which has been used for treatment of leather and fur. In addition a pottery kiln from the 14th century has also been found. Also this was in a very good condition.

The discovery was made next to the Plaza de los Flores where the new hotel Maravillas is being built.

The building plans have been slightly modified and it has been decided that a glass floor they will be installed inside the hotel restaurant so that the archaeological discovery can be seen through the floor.


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