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Immigrants arrested

Two immigrants from Cameroon have been arrested for the murder of up to 10 Nigerians during their journey to Spain.

immigrants-spainThe immigrants were headed from Nador in northern Morocco on December 3rd last year in an
inflatable boat without motor. They met a storm, and there was unrest in the boat that evolved into a fight when a Nigerian priest began to pray out of fear that they would sink.

The arrested the Cameroonians blamed the bad weather on the Nigerians and threw the priest and some of the other Nigerians overboard. Spanish coastguard found the boat drifting off Almeria on December 5th with 29 people aboard, including a three-year old.

The police believes that between 7 and 10 passengers have been thrown overboard by the arrested Cameroonians. In addition, an unknown number of passengers fell overboard because of the bad weather. Police were suspicious of the Cameroonians after they had landed because the other immigrants seemed afraid of them. The other passengers told in interviews with police what had happened. Besides the police found 1,500 euros at the two men, money that they had stolen from the victims.

Despite the dangers, many immigrants are attempting to cross to Spain in all sorts of vehicles. Last year Spanish rescue patrols have saved 3,500 migrants, which is an increase of 55% compared with the year before. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, at least 3.419 migrants drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean between January 1 and December 10, 2014.

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