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Huge party in Valencia

This week Las Fallas takes place in Valencia, one of the world’s most spectacular celebrations that culminate on the evening of March 19th.

las fallas valenciaPublic festival
Las Fallas is considered one of the greatest fairs in Spain and is held in honor of the patron saint St. Joseph’s and also as a celebration of the last days of winter and the coming of spring. As early as March 1 the mood starts to raise with different activities, but the real festivities start on March 15th and ends with the burning of the great “Fallas” figures on the night between 19th and 20th March.

The figures
The large Fallas figures made of paper, glue, wood and plastic foam and are very carefully painted and decorated. These are then transported through the procession and at the end all og them are burned except the figure who has been voted as this year’s winner, which os placed in a museum with all the previous winners. The characters are great, some are over 30 meters high, and they often have a satirical slant with figures of politicians and celebrities, but it can also be historical figures or just pure fantasy.

There are fireworks every day during the festivities. Every day at 2 pm “La Mascletás” is being arranged, a concert consisting of various firecrackers and small bombs at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Afterwards the bars and terrazas are filled with people consuming traditional Valencian foods and drinks.

The hotels Valencia are almost fully booked during these days. According to industry representatives the occupancy rate is of over 90%. Half of the reservations are made by the Spaniards and the rest are foreign tourists.


A complete program is available here.