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Hotel prices in Spain have increased

Average prices of hotel rooms has increased by 5% in Spain

Hotel in Spain

Hotel in Spain
Illustration: Erixon Consulting

The average price of a hotel room was € 107 in the first half of 2014 according to “The Hotel Price Index –”. This is an increase of 5%, but the increase varies considerably in different parts of the country and there are also cities where there has been a decline in prices.

Balearic Islands
Majorca has had a sharp increase in prices during the first 6 months. Ibiza had the highest increase where prices have increased by 22% to an average price of € 163 Followed by Mallorca with an average of € 134 which is an increase of 15%.

Canary Islands
Here, prices are generally much lower, but almost all islands have had an increas in their prices. Only Gran Canaria who have suffered a fall of 4% with an average of € 107, the same as Spain in average. In Fuerteventura, prices have risen by 18% to € 104, Tenerife with 10% to 108 €, Lanzarote and La Palma increased by 15% to 95 and 65 euros.

Costa del Sol
In Estepona average prices increased by 15% to 149 €. Marbella had an increase of 10% resulting in an average price of € 148 in Malaga got one much cheaper treat where prices went up 6% to an average price of € 86.

The cities
Barcelona has always been one of the more expensive cities, where the average price is € 127 per night per room. Madrid registers a slight increase of 2% to the relationship modest € 91.

The rest of Spain
A happy Easter and an active nightlife has contributed to increases in Benidorm where prices went up by 11% to an average price of € 98 in Alicante, prices rose by 9% to € 89 Sevilla was one of the cities where it was cheaper to stay, where prices fell by 1% to € 89 Significantly cheaper to stay in Almeria, where prices rose admittedly was 7%, while the average price was still no more than 62 €.

Global prices rose for the fifth consecutive year
If you look at the prices globally, rates increased by an average of 4% during the first 6 months. It is considered that this is mainly due to the economic recovery in Europe where the average rates increased by 5%, the same price increase as the hotels in the Middle East.

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