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Hospital in Alicante has activated the Ebola protocol

University Hospital in Alicante

University Hospital in Alicante
Photo: Wikipedia

The San Juan University Hospital in Alicante has activated the so called Ebola protocol to treat a 30 year old nigerian male patient for a possible infection of Ebola. At the moment there are not clear evidence but the actions have been taken to be on the safe side and test are being analyzed to confirm whether or not the patient has been infected with Ebola.

The man had fever and arrived at El Hospital General de Alicante along with his sister. Both of them were transferred to the University Hospital who takes care of possible cases of Ebola in the Alicante-province, where they now are under surveillance. When the man arrived at the hospital he first resisted to be transferred to University hospital and insisted that he felt fine.

Apart from fever the man had some other symptoms that also could indicate an Ebola infection, but the University Hospital emphasizes that they are only treating the patient for a possible case of Ebola but that this is not confirmed at the moment.

The patient and his sister is now in an isolated area of the hospital and the hospital staff treating the patient are equipped with protective suits and masks that are used to prevent further spreading of possible viruses. The condition of the patient is described as stable at the moment. will update this article.