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Horse, chicken and turkey found in kebabs

6 of 25 kebabs that were supposed to be made of beef contained 60% chicken.


Slicing of kebab
Foto: Wikipedia

The Spanish consumer organisation Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) has analyzed 25 kebabs in Madrid. In 24 of these they found meat from horse, chicken and turkey, but the content of horse and turkey was less than 1%. EU has set the limit to 1% when it comes to mixing other kinds of meat into a product before it is considered a fraud.

11 of the kebabs contained between 40% and 60% chicken which is not only an economic fraud but also a fraud with quality.

11 of the kebabs showed evidence of lack of hygienic routines and all of the kebabs contained more salt and fat than hamburgers, and thus OCU encourage consumers to limit the consumption of this popular dish.